Cluster houses

Enjoy the best of both worlds – Landed living with condo facilities

Parkwood Collection

District 19

99 years

One Surin

District 19


Belgravia Villas

District 28



District 28

103 years LH

Morris Residences

District 19


Victoria Park Villas

District 10

99 years

Whitley Residences

District 11


What are cluster landed homes?

Cluster house developments are similar to condominiums, as they share the benefits of gated communities, however, instead of having hundreds of residents living in huge apartment buildings, you have similar semi-detached houses and bungalows instead.

Cluster development presents an alternative to buyers looking for spaciousness together with condo-like facilities. In the past, buyers could only choose between one. Now, with the marrying of these 2 different types of developments, buyers are spoilt for choice.

Some cluster houses are also relatively near MRT stations.

The key difference between cluster developments and pure landed is that cluster developments are strata-titled.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Cluster Home?

There are multiple benefits attached at purchasing a cluster home.

Combination of condominium benefits and privacy of landed living

Would you like to enjoy the privacy and spaciousness of a landed property, with a combination of shared facilities that can be found in huge condominiums such as swimming pools, gyms, and saunas?

This can come at a snatch of the cost of owning them yourself vs if you were to buy pure landed. Plus if you were to buy landed, your land would have to be a certain size before you can construct a pool and add other facilities. One of the biggest advantages of cluster homes is the benefit of having 24-hour security which guarantees peace of mind for you and your family.

Cluster landed homes are more affordable than traditional landed property

Let’s face it, land is not cheap in Singapore. After factoring in cost of renovations, one might begin to have doubts whether is this route really worth it. Cluster houses are much more affordable than the traditional landed property and it gives buyers a chance to enter into this segment.

Additionally, most of the plots set aside for residential development by the government are reserved for condominiums, resulting in cluster development plots being limited.

Lesser hassles and lower Cost of Maintenance

Another great benefit is the reduced cost of maintenance. When living in a cluster home, you get the opportunity of saving a lot of time on the hassles of property maintenance that often come with landed property and its ownerships.

A managing agent will be appointed for your development, and they will handle all the chores and obligations regarding property maintenance, thus saving you a lot of time and effort. No worries on cleaning the pool, repainting facades or fixing damages that arise in your home. Less time worrying about maintenance and more time to enjoy your property! Furthermore, the maintenance costs are divided among residents.

Great for families with kids

Direct access to outdoor space from the ground floors means parents are still able to watch their children while also doing other daily chores. Additionally, most cluster landed homes have the swimming pools located just a few steps away from the units. Parents can thus relax and watch over their children in the comfort of their front yard.

More space with basement parking

Most cluster landed homes come with 2 basement car park lots. This frees up space on the ground level. There is no worry about your children running around in the compound due to zero vehicular traffic. In a traditional landed setup, most of the yard space would be used for car parking while unsightly roadside parking adds to traffic woes to the already narrow roads.